SDS 3  Simmons produces in series
 Musicaid Analog Claptrap  analog clap synthesizer
 SDS 4  consumer line
 SDS 5  Modular analog drum synthesizer
 Simmons Analog Claptrap  analog clap synthesizer
 SDS 6  8 channel digital sequencer
 SDS 7  Modular sample player with analog filters
 SDS 8  5 channel analog drum synthesizer
 SDS EPB - Eprom Prom Blower  sampler and eprom burner
 Simmons Digital Claptrap  digital clap synthesizer
 SDS 9  6 channel digital/analog drum module
 MTM  8 channel midi-trigger-midi converter
 SDS 800  4 channel analog synthesizer
 MTX 9  3 channel midi expander
 SDS 200  2 channel analog sound module
 SDS 1000  5 channel digital/analog drum module
 SPM 8:2  midi line mixer
 SDX  16 channel sampler
 TMI  trigger to midi converter
 Portakit  challenging Roland's Octapad