chassis: 19" 2HU

The development of the MTM was truely necessary as the SDS5 and SDS7 did not offer any midi implementation. So it was almost impossible to trigger e.g. SDS7 sounds by a sequencer or play the sounds of a midi device through an SDS7.
The MTM was the answer to both questions. On the one hand the midi world was open for the Simmons drummer and now SDS7 sounds could be triggered by any midi device like a keyboard. But the MTM was much more. ANY audio signal could be processed into midi notes like e.g. acoustic drums. Each signal could even be assigned to more than one midi note so whole cords could be triggered by hitting only one pad.
All settings can be saved in one of up to 99 kits, just like the SDS7. The first 16 can be selected by the selector pad.