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  filename category description filesize (MByte) year
percuter_rock_bass.wav sound Eprom "Percuter Rock Bass" (sampled with SDS1) 0 2006
percuter_rock_snare.wav sound Eprom "Percuter Rock Snare" (sampled with SDS1) 0.1 2006
percuter_tom.wav sound Eprom "Percuter Tom" (sampled with SDS1) 1 2006
sds9_rim_a.wav sound Eprom "SDS9 Rim A" (sampled with SDS1) 0.7 2006
sds9_rim_b.wav sound Eprom "SDS9 Rim B" (sampled with SDS1) 1 2006
sds9_snare.wav sound Eprom "SDS9 Snare" (sampled with SDS1) 0.6 2006
soulsnare.wav sound Eprom "Soulsnare" (sampled with SDS1) 0.5 2006
mtx9_factory_bank_a.wav sound MTX9 factory bank a 3.4 2005
mtx9_factory_bank_b.wav sound MTX9 factory bank b 1.8 2005
mtx9_factory_bank_c.wav sound MTX9 factory bank c 2.2 2005